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Land Law terms and conditional Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Land Law terms and conditional - Essay Example The most common problems resulting from tenancy agreements border on landlord ignorance of tenant rights or problems of transfer as the one detailed in this case. This is a situation where a current owner sells the property to another, the major question being whether current tenants are bound by agreements made under the previous owner. Most times, the two forms of tenancy are referred to as either assured or shorthold tenancy. However, there are other forms of tenancy that result, not because they are assured or recognized by the law but because they fail to meet the provisions stated for these two forms of tenancy. A license to occupy A license to occupy is appropriate only for temporary arrangement; it is less detailed in comparison to a full lease. For this reason, it cannot be used in place of a full lease, or where the occupant is going to occupy property for a lengthy period of time. License to occupy is adaptable to diverse situations, and is frequently used when a tenant is only interested to occupy property momentarily or when the procedures of a lease are being concluded. Individuals wishing to occupy property for a temporary time can avoid such long term commitments by drafting a license to occupy, in which case rent is to be paid in the next week or month. If such obligations are not met, the License will come to an end. Under a License to occupy the Landlord has exclusive rights to property access at any time. Lease Agreement Unlike a license to occupy, a Commercial Lease Agreement is appropriate for letting property for a period not less than six moths and not beyond three years. The longer the lease period, the more detailed the lease agreement becomes. An agreement which is anything beyond three years requires a well detailed agreement which should be prepared and reviewed by a qualified solicitor. One major difference between leases and other forms of tenancy is that lease agreements accords exclusive rights of occupancy to the lease holder. The implication of this is that the landlord cannot access the property unless under any identified circumstances specified in the agreement. Exclusive rights to property also mean that the tenant reserves the right of the owner for the period of the lease, this means he can sub let, through a Sublease Agreement. Leasing is not common for residential property but is mostly embraced for commercial reasons. Lease forms a contractual obligation binding the property owner the lessee, however, it also creates an interest in property. For this reason, it must be issued for a definite period of time, but can extend beyond this period. In such a case, it becomes a Tenancy at Will which can be terminated through an adequate notice. Adequate time for the notice might be detailed in the lease agreement, however, if such is not included the notice period will equate to the frequency of payment of rent as indicated in the agreement. The main difference between a lease agreement and a License is that a lease conveys interest in land, something which a license does not. This was well indicated in a 1673 case, Thomas v Sorrell: In this case, it was passed that a license passes no interest, and does not alter or transfer property; all it does is make an act lawful which without the license had been unlawful. A similar, position was taken by Justice Macdonald in Baker v Gee, the Justice held; that according to the provisions of

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A Man Named Dave Essay Example for Free

A Man Named Dave Essay A Man Named Dave is a sad story of an abused child named Dave and his life as a grown man. The book has to do with a persons mind and how it reacts to different situations and events, such as being abused. This story touches your heart and makes you appreciate life and all it has to offer. Dave Spencer wrote this book to tell the world the affects of abuse and to change peoples lives. Dave does a brilliant job and by reading the book, it really changes your life. Dave presents abuse in this book very well and really shows the affects of it. Dave wrote the book exactly how it happened in real life. A Man Named Dave makes you want you know how or why someone can abuse a child and ruin his/her life. There is only one problem with the book, it some times gets the audience confused by switching back-and-forth from present and the past. This I think is what Dave could work on. The book is very entertaining and makes you want more. A Man Named Dave affected my life quite a bit. It made me look at life differently and made me appreciate it more. The book makes you see the outcome of abuse and understand it a little more. The most interesting part in the book is when Dave goes to his mother’s home and tries to find out why she abused him. It gets very emotional. The least interesting part is when Dave goes to his grandmother’s home to seek answers. The grandmother just doesn’t know when to shut her mouth up. I recommend this book to everyone and think everyone should read it. A Man Named Dave was written to stop abuse and to change lives. I believe it has. This book gets very emotional and may make you cry. A Man Named Dave will change the way you act and it will change the way you live.

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Political Correctness Infringes on our First Amendment Rights Essay exa

Political Correctness Infringes on our First Amendment Rights Political correctness has become increasingly obvious in our daily lives. For example, the other day I attended the first meeting of the Frisbee Club here on the State University campus. During the meeting, we were discussing the fact we wanted shirts for this year, but we did not know what slogan to use. While in the brainstorming process, the slogan â€Å"Suck my disk† came out. At the time, the slogan â€Å"suck my disk† seemed to be better than sliced bread to a bunch of college guys. But as we were wrapping up the meeting, one person came out and asked, â€Å"How appropriate do you think this slogan is if we want to have a Frisbee clinic with the high school? I think parents will be a little apprehensive.† It was also brought to our attention that Silk Screen, the local store that prints different images and slogans on clothing, has a policy that refuses politically incorrect slogans. There seems to be a generally accepted concept in society that often makes us think three to four times before we speak. This concept ...

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Sachin – the God of Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar is perhaps the best thing to happen to not just INDIA and INDIAN Cricket, but the sport in general. He is easily the most worshipped Cricketer across the globe. More than 34,000 runs scored on all kinds of home and away turfs at an unbelievable 48. 74 is testimony enough of the astounding consistency he has shown during the breath-taking 23-year International Career. He is pretty obviously the most prolific run-getter of all times. Technically too, He is the most complete batsman of modern era. Be it hooks, pulls, cuts, punches, drives, sweeps, slogs or lofts, He can play it all. Be it spin, swing or pace, He can tackle it all with seamless audacity and grace. Sachin Tendulkar is probably the greatest exponent of the game. While scoring the astonishing number of runs He has, Tendulkar has invented millions of ways of piercing the field and coaxing the ball towards the patrolled rope; at times using the bat like a sword used to slash enemies; and at times carefully using it like a surgeon’s knife used to pierce the deepest of tissues. Adaptation, accumulation and consolidation have seemed synonymous with Sachin Tendulkar, evidence of which is the big-hundreds He scored against Australia, South Africa and New Zealand after 2009, when He was in His late-30s, in a format presumed to be a youngster’s paradise. Apart from the staggering achievements and brilliant technique, what puts Tendulkar in a league of His own is the kind of impact and influence He has had on modern-day Cricket. Time and again, He has demolished and pulverized top-notch bowling attacks into instant submissions; something no one else has managed to do so effortlessly and so consistently. What elevates Tendulkar’s greatness is the fact that He has achieved all these records and laurels while constantly being under tremendous pressure from a billion people and while being under constant scrutiny of the national media. The greatness lies in the fact that Tendulkar has still never crumbled under this constant pressure and has on most of the occasions stood up, lead the pack and delivered. The humility and modesty He has displayed during the enthralling journey has ensured that He is not just followed and loved, but worshipped by the Nation from the bottom of the heart. Fames, riches, mansions, fast-cars, limelight and anything else that comes His way as a perk for being the greatest Cricketer He is seem to have left Him absolutely unfazed. His moorings have always remained on firm ground and remain so till date. Sachin Tendulkar has spell-bound the nation like no one else. There might be a couple of personalities whose exploits in their respective professions have enthralled the nation, but even they have not been able to sustain it for as long as Tendulkar has. He is diminutive, yet the tallest INDIAN alive.

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Psychological Factors Affecting Consumers’...

Table of Contents 1. Introduction!....................................................................................................................................!2! 2. Literature review and conceptual framework!..........................................................................!3! . 2.1 Thà ¸gersen (2000) – Psychological determinants of paying attention to eco-labels in purchase decisions!......................................................................................................................................!3! 2.2 Cognitive dissonance and Attitudes!..................................................................................................!4! 2.3 New model and Research†¦show more content†¦The aim of this paper is to investigate psychological factors that lie behind consumers’ purchasing decisions of eco-labelled products, and will therefore have a psychological focus. However, the problem will be investigated from a marketing perspective, thus the results will be linked back to practical suggestions for marketers. The paper starts with a literature review, then a conceptual model based on the model by Thà ¸gersen (2000), cognitive dissonance theory and consumer attitudes will be presented. Further the new model will be tested using results from empirical research. The final section aims to identify further research in order to improve knowledge on this topic. ! 2! 2. Literature review and conceptual framework The first part of the literature review introduces the model developed by Thà ¸gersen (2000). He investigates the psychological processes consumers experience in decision-making of purchasing. This paper aim to identify cognitive processes that occurs between the consumers become aware of the label and eventually decides to make a purchase. Hence theories of cognitive dissonance and attitudes are introduced. The last part of this section presents a new model developed on the basis of the model developed by Thà ¸gersen (2000) and the mentioned factors. 2.1 Thà ¸gersen (2000) – Psychological determinants of paying attention toShow MoreRelatedOrganic Products4246 Words   |  17 Pagesbut with time and more understanding of the subject, the revised definition of an   entrepreneur also includes â€Å"intrapreneurs†, that is an entrepreneur operating within a corporate environment. Entrepreneurs are the strategic factors in economic development and the central factors in the trade cycle as they are the driving force of an economy.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Ecology or environmental biology is the branch of biology which takes into consideration the examination of living organisms in the natural environmentRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 Pagesdeveloping countries | | Contents Preface Overview of the book’s structure 1 Introduction 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 Learning objectives The nature of marketing The management process Strategic decisions and the nature of strategy The marketing/strategy interface Summary xi xiii 1 3 3 7 11 19 37 41 43 45 45 50 53 70 71 75 77 79 79 80 81 86 88 89 101 102 104 107 109 Stage One: Where are we now? Strategic and marketing analysis 2 Marketing auditingRead MoreContemporary Issues in Management Accounting211377 Words   |  846 Pagesrecognize Michael’s contributions to academic accounting. I am honoured to join them. Anthony G. Hopwood University of Oxford December 2005 PREFACE ‘ A multitude of forces shape management accounting. From an organizational perspective, decision-makers and other users of accounting information often perceive changes in their information needs. Consequently, providers of accounting information within organizations respond to many of these desired changes by redesigning management accounting

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Kennedy Mayfield Mr. Janes and Mrs. Moreland - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 462 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/05/16 Category Politics Essay Level High school Tags: John F Kennedy Essay Did you like this example? Approximately 1.3 people joined the military in 2017. (Myers). Many citizens know their rights but what about their responsibilities? Like going the speed limit and serving when needed? Many citizens speed when late to work but wont join the military when were losing a war or in major need of help. Citizens responsibilities are just as important as their rights. However, most citizens are uniformed. Many Americans believe war is wrong and are protesting against it and the country. As American citizens we all have the responsibility to defend the country if the need should arise. 15 million people across 800 cities protested the 2003 invasion of iraq and 59% of americans believe their elected officials send our troops into harms way too often (Rangel). This is an example of citizens not being informed of their responsibilities. But, changing that might not be very hard. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Kennedy Mayfield Mr. Janes and Mrs. Moreland" essay for you Create order Americans protesting war are not following their civic responsibility to be informed and defend the constitution. The 3.3 million military households representing less than 1% of american families have begun virtually military class who are unfairly and disproportionately carrying the burden of war. Logically, if all americans are involved in our defense then every family will fully engage in any decision to use force. Consequently, force will only be used as a last resort. (Rangel). If citizens know their rights but not their responsibilities that could mean trouble. While most people know exactly what they are doing when they broke the law some could be completely confused when they get arrested for something they had no idea was illegal. In 2017 around 10 million people were arrested, sure many these people knew their rights like freedom from excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishments, But how many of these 10 million Americans knew they were breaking the law? Probably, most but not all. 1.2 million students drop out of high school every year but, did they know they have the responsibility to have and take your education seriously? Furthermore, everyone should know their responsibilities. So many people protested the war and protest the constitution knowingly. Both of these things are examples of not following civic responsibilities and is a big problem in America. If citizens were informed on situations in their cities and country so many horrible things could be avoided. Works cited Myers, Meghann. Top Recruiter: Just 136,000 out of 33 Million Young Americans Would Join the Army. Army Times, Army Times, 13 Oct. 2017 11 Facts About High School Dropout Rates. USA Number of Arrests for All Offenses 1990-2017 | Timeline. Statista, Volunteer for Social Change 2003 Invasion of Iraq. Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 8 Oct. 2018, Rangel, Charles. All Americans Have a Duty to Defend Our Nation: Column. USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 15 Feb. 2013,

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The Functions of Management - 2302 Words

The Functions of Management at the Walt Disney World Resort Cynthia Brewer MGT330: Management for Organizations Professor William Banks April 28, 2014 : The Functions of Management at the Walt Disney World Resort The five functions of management are planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. In a company as large at the Walt Disney Company, these five functions are vitally important to have the success this company has had for close to a century. Within the Walt Disney Company is the Walt Disney Resort in Florida. The five functions of management can be seen throughout the Florida resort. From carrying out the plans and mission statement, organizing the plans and objectives, successful staffing of employees,†¦show more content†¦For an example, the planning of a new â€Å"land† in the Magic Kingdom, strategic planning will draw upon the knowledge of the land they want to build, the skills of the designers and imagineers and the abilities of the management team all the way to the workers or â€Å"cast members† that complete the day to day activities. The next function is the organizing step. Organization will give the plans a purpose and direction and can also â€Å"be defined as the process of efficiently and effectively bringing people and resources together to create products and services.† (Baack, Reilly and Minnick, 2014). As stated by Mills regarding personal management,† Specialists in personnel management have a wide range of responsibilities. They interview, test, and recommend applicants to fill job openings. They organize recruiting campaigns and travel to high schools and colleges to search for promising applicants.† (Mills, 2014). Part of the process of organizing within Disney is to â€Å"typecast† the many jobs available. This is just one section of the organizational process with Walt Disney World. Typecasting involves placing people in the best rolls to fulfill the illusion of the magic the parks are known for. An example of this from personal experience is as a chef and a Native America n, I was asked to represent native culture at Epcot’s food and wine festival. Even though I specialize in German/Swedish cuisine, I cannot work in the Germany pavilion because DisneyShow MoreRelatedManagement Functions And Functions Of Management1381 Words   |  6 PagesThe term â€Å"Management† refers to the performance of some functions such as planning, organizing, controlling and directing by an individual or a group of individuals in order to achieve a common goal. Management is required when we work in group. Management functions cannot be performed in isolation . Management has been defined by a number of authors. Some of which are as follows: â€Å"Management is the art of getting things done through others† ---- Mary Parker Follett â€Å"Management is the coordinationRead MoreManagement Functions And Functions Of Management1304 Words   |  6 Pages Essay Management is viewed as a critical part in any business or corporate commercial enterprises. Group assignments provide a useful platform for understanding the management functions that consist of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (POLC). I totally do agree with this statement. Management of groups is actually the key to all of these P-O-L-C functions. Any management can accomplish and succeed objectives through the organizing execution of these four functions (123helpme.comRead MoreManagement Functions And Functions Of Management Essay1529 Words   |  7 PagesAssessing Management Functions List the four functions of management and provide an overview of their purpose for the organization. The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The planning function establishes a way to attain the desired objectives, resolve issues and facilitate action. The purpose of the planning function is to align the vision, culture, employees and the organizational structure with the strategies, and this involves multiple levels acrossRead MoreManagement Functions And Functions Of Management860 Words   |  4 Pages Essay Management is viewed as a critical part in any business or corporate commercial enterprises. Group assignments provide a useful platform for understanding the management functions that consist of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (POLC). I totally do agree with this statement. Management of groups is actually the key to all of these P-O-L-C functions. Any management can accomplish and succeed objectives through the organizing execution of these four functions (123helpme.comRead MoreFunctions And Functions Of Management1113 Words   |  5 Pagesprimary functions involving management, which are considered the very life line and it’s existent. These four functions are instrumental and detrimental to the success and longevity of any company. Without these vital staples, a company is doomed before it is birth, and they are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. However, there is another essential component to the functions of management, and it is the importan t of diversity. In this paper I will identify the detailed function of theseRead MoreManagement Functions And Functions Of Management812 Words   |  4 Pagesinclude problem solving, facilitating meetings, and many other routine office tasks. Management is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals. Good managers do those things both effectively and efficiently. (Bateman Snell, 2004) However many of these tasks should not be duplicated by a group of individuals. Different people can take on parts of the management function. Someone on a team can take care of the planning, while another person does the budgetingRead MoreFunctions And Functions Of Management Functions995 Words   |  4 PagesManagement functions are defined as â€Å"the ways that managers are grouped within an organisation to achieve specialist tasks† and refer to specific areas of practice that involve only a small group of managers who, usually, need particular training or experience and belong to relevant professional organisations. There are five major functions in most organisations known as â€Å"big five† (Smith, 2011): marketing, concerned with promoting and distributing products; operations, which involves the transformationRead MoreManagement Functions And Functions Of Management1823 Words   |  8 Pagesuse of available resources. A manager performs the basic functions of management, which are planning, controlling, organising, staffing and leading to accomplish the goals of the organisation (Drucker Maciariello, 2008). Organisational performance is largely dependent on the quality of leadership established by the managers. A manager has particular leadership qualities that make them effective in execution of their duties. Management refers to the process of coordinating the activities of aRead MoreFunctions And Functions Of Management1119 Words   |  5 PagesUnderstand the role, functions and processes of management Management is the act of engaging with an organisation s human talent and using the physical resources at a manager s disposal to accomplish desired goals and objectives (set by the stakeholders of the organisation) efficiently and effectively. Management comprises of planning, organising, staffing, leading, directing, and controlling an organisation (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishingRead MoreManagement And Functions Of Management1063 Words   |  5 PagesManagement in business and associations is the capacity that facilitates the endeavors of individuals to achieve objectives and targets utilizing accessible assets proficiently and adequately. Management includes planning, arranging, staffing, heading or steering, and controlling an association to achieve the objective. Resourcing includes the arrangement and control of human assets, budgetary assets, innovative assets, and regular assets. Administration is additionally a scholarl y teach, a social